Helping Kids Flourish in Kindergarten and Beyond
It all started with an idea to reduce stress during testing. Last year, during a moment of my own stress over having to give a writing assessment where my students would have to work quietly, write in response to a prompt, and not look at each others' work, I had a brainstorm. What if I used manila file folders to divide the kids, put a smiley face on them to help reduce stress, and give them to each student with a pep talk ? This year I decided to do a bit more and add a class cheer: "We can do it!"  The results: priceless.
When we prepare kids for testing we can help add a positive spin with encouraging messages like: It's your chance to show all you know! It's just to show what you do already every day. Although it wasn't easy for kids to remain quiet while writing, the folders helped them avoid looking at each other and focus on staying on task. While they were asked to write about their favorite subject, themselves, the scenario always evokes anxiety, especially since I am not allowed to offer any help.
The results were quite amazing. Every student wrote: some wrote so much they had to turn over the page, and all drew a picture to match their words.
I am very proud and excited about how much progress our kids have made this year! Thanks for your support!

5/19/2010 06:08:08 am

Great idea!!! I'm really going to miss the parent/teacher partnership that has helped make the kinder year a success for my child. The weekly communication is awesome. If we could only be so lucky next year...You both will be greatly missed by Cameran & myself.

Elain Ponce De Leon
5/19/2010 02:02:11 pm

I ditto Rachael's comment! I am so grateful/thankful/relieved/blessed/happy that David had you (and Miss Harrington) as his first teacher. You are so wonderful in how you respond to David (both when he's good & not so good). You've taught me a few things as well, that is helping me be a better parent. The bar has been set high so future teachers have lots to live up to...

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3/15/2012 04:27:43 pm

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