Helping Kids Flourish in Kindergarten and Beyond

Building on Strengths

Kids come to school with an amazing array of strengths, skills and curiosities. A teacher must find ways to capitalize on all of those positive traits in order to excite and engage young minds in the business of learning the required curriculum.  I am working on a parent survey that will help me to discover more about the children in my class. I also hope that the survey helps to frame kids strengths in a powerful light so that parents can also learn how to focus and build on their child's uniqueness. So many times we are quick to identify weaknesses and work diligently to correct those without focusing on what a child is doing well.  With the survey information I plan to offer students an opportunity to share their interests and strengths with each other.  Some of the survey questions will be around background knowledge, hands on talents, and social relationship skills. The aim is to develop cooperative relationships and skills in relating to each other, build on students self efficacy ( the belief that they can accomplish a task they set out to accomplish), and build the social emotional skills that lead to success in school and in life in general.
For a look at how to learn more about your child's strengths, you might consider reading this book, available on Amazon. For a look at how I work toward discovering student strengths and my overall philosophy, you might read my blog, "All Kids Can Flourish".
Thanks in advance for taking the time to complete the survey that I will be passing out on Back to School Night. I am so excited to learn more about each and every child in my class!