Helping Kids Flourish in Kindergarten and Beyond

What to Expect During the First Weeks of School


The first weeks of school are all about getting to know each other and creating a classroom community that is conducive to learning! We will be trained to use our learning "tools" such as pencils, crayons, glue stick and scissors and discuss how we can best keep our materials organized and available for our use throughout the year. We will learn the daily routines and schedule, practicing daily tasks such as lining up, actively listening and participating, sitting safely at our tables, and learning the expectations and rules across the school campus that will promote learning and well-being for all students.

Parents can help by:
  • sending their child to school well-rested and fed with a nutritious breakfast
  • encouraging their child to learn and practice the daily routines: putting away snack bags, lunches and belongings in the designated places. It is very important to facilitate independence!
  • communicating with the teacher about any issues and ideas for successful adjustment
  • keeping the morning good-bye short and sweet! Children can ease into the school routine when parents assure them of the return time and leave the classroom in a timely manner. As the school year progresses parents are encouraged to give their child more independence in getting started with their morning work.
  • understanding that they are the "expert" on their child and can help the teacher greatly in getting to know what works best in helping their child meet learning goals. 
  • completing and returning all school forms sent home in the weekly envelope.
I am excited about meeting all of the students who will be in Room 11 this year!  I am also excited about the new partnerships with parents that will ensure each child's growth and success.