Helping Kids Flourish in Kindergarten and Beyond
We are so excited to begin working with some new technology in our class! Last June I volunteered to pilot an Interwrite Mobi pad in my class this year. Well, finally the projector that is needed to work with the device is here and I will be using this new technology to engage our students.  We are also fortunate to receive a document camera which can project images of written material as well as other objects onto the big screen. This will help facilitate math lessons and other lessons with hands on manipulatives!  Also, the students will be able to demonstrate their understanding to the class in a fun way. Soon we will let the students use our document camera for our theme sharing!
Of course, there is a big! learning curve for us as we integrate these new tools into our day! You can help by encouraging your child to continue following our classroom expectations. When students get excited ( which is a good thing!) they sometimes get the idea that they are allowed to be out of control with their bodies and voices. Please talk to your child regularly about how he/she contributes to our learning environment in a positive way.  We want to excite and engage our students in memorable learning experiences.  :-)

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