Helping Kids Flourish in Kindergarten and Beyond
It's been a busy week and I apologize for the delay in posting. There seem to be so many things to talk about, yet not one that stands out as most critical. One issue I would like to discuss is that of emotional literacy: kids being able to handle their emotional ups and downs and thrive whether they are at home or at school.  When kids are emotionally impacted by a disappointing encounter whether at home before school or with friends at recess, their learning suffers. So, what can we do to help them manage their emotions, and in turn, help them learn?
There is a wonderful resource, via the Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley, where you can learn about how to give kids the skills to regulate themselves and be happy in the long term! By following the link below, you can watch some brief videos on a variety of issues related to kids. Check them out and let me know what you think!
There is also a wonderful article you can read by clicking below:
Emotion Coaching: One of the Most Important Parenting Practices in the History of the Universe

Parents and teachers are important teammates in helping kids grow up to be the best they can be. Please feel free to ask me any questions you might think of about how your child is doing at school! Thanks again for your support. It has been a wonderful year in Room 11.

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