Helping Kids Flourish in Kindergarten and Beyond

First off, I must say that Miss Harrington and I fully appreciate all of your support in helping our kids feel happy, safe and engaged in our class.  When an issue arises, it's very important that our students know that we will communicate with you, the parents, who can help us achieve our goals.
This week, on Thursday, many factors contributed to a very difficult day, where many of the students became disrespectful of each other and adults, namely Miss Harrington, actively disregarding the classroom expectations. There was a prospective kindergarten parent walk-through, which definitely impacted the kids as 20 adults walked into the classroom staring and observing their actions. Then, after recess, there was a fire drill, which undoubtedly caused stress for their little minds.  We understand that these events can cause some reactions for kids, and thus give them some leeway on days like this.
On Thursday, however, during literacy center time, some kids( not all of course!) were jumping off chairs, throwing pencils, running to the front of the room and ringing the teacher chime. In the afternoon, things improved somewhat, though some students were still influenced by those around them making poor choices.
It might seem unusual for teachers to be so candid about a situation that we "should be able to control," but we truly believe in a team approach to school success. So what did we do to hopefully ensure that this will not happen again?
We had a class meeting on Friday where we discussed the events that took place and named the positive behaviors we should have displayed. We discussed each student's responsibility for taking charge of himself and not following others' poor choices. Everyone seemed to understand that they cannot blame others for their choices; we all have a choice whether to follow a bad example or ignore someone acting out for attention. We also gave the logical consequence of taking away Friday morning literacy "choice" time as students had lots of work to finish from the prior day!
So, what can you do to help? Please talk to your child about how they must follow classroom expectations no matter which teacher is in charge that day.  It's our responsibility to communicate and ensure that learning time is not lost to behavioral issues. Miss Harrington is a valued teaching partner and the students must see us as equal authorities in the class. We work hard to be consistent in our messages and expectations..Thanks so much for your support. We appreciate you.

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