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Just a quick post to tell you all how VERY much we appreciate you: our wonderful parents. Thank you so much to those who were able to join us on our "best day ever" ( as the kids were referring to our field trip to the park). Everything went so smoothly and because so many of you were there to help, I was not as nervous as I usually am taking kids off campus. It may not sound like such a big deal, but taking 20 kindergartners to a big park is a pretty brave endeavor for many teachers! Thanks to Miss Harrington, Mr. Jacovini, our reading buddies teacher, and my visiting teacher friend, Miss Avila who were there for great support :-)
6/7/2010 04:09:47 am

My whole gang really enjoyed being part of the BEST DAY EVUURR!!! It was so nice to get a chance to speak with all of the parents who attended & Ms. Avila the visiting teacher too. A great day was had by all :)

2/17/2015 06:36:33 am

I love your blog. Great job.


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