Helping Kids Flourish in Kindergarten and Beyond
As you may have read in our class newsletter today, spring break begins officially at the end of the school day tomorrow! We talked about our spring break journals today and the kids were very excited to choose stickers to decorate the covers. Please encourage your child to document some fun activities during the break.  Yes, this assignment is optional as it is technically a "no homework" time, but it is an opportunity to capitalize on the students' natural desire to share about fun experiences. Please help your child slowly say the words aloud as he/she stretches the word, isolating the sounds he/she hears and writing them down. We are working hard to empower our students to say a word slowly and "try it" before asking for help. Remember, developmental  or phonetic spelling does not have to be perfect!
Today we had fun sharing our plans for spring break. I can't wait to hear the stories when we return. Hope you enjoy a wonderful week with your kids. And remember, as stated in the announcements sent home today, Capri has begun a campaign to increase school attendance. We are tracking attendance and tardies and your child has an opportunity to win a drawing prize for being in class, on time every day! As always, we appreciate all of your support.

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