Helping Kids Flourish in Kindergarten and Beyond
It's becoming increasingly apparent that the school year is whizzing by and in a few weeks we will be at spring break, followed by less than 2 months of school!  Some parents are concerned about the leap to first grade and have been asking important questions like, "How can I ensure that my child is ready?"
One of the most important goals that I reiterate throughout the school year is independence.  We work diligently in the classroom to facilitate students making decisions to solve problems, taking care of their belongings, and taking responsibility for their work. It may seem that we are asking a lot from them, and yes, we are!  On the other hand, we do our kids a disservice when we don't hold them accountable for their decisions  and actions. When we let them say," I did it because he did it first" or "I'll just do it later when I get home" we are not reinforcing the message that the person ultimately responsible  for our actions is ourselves.
Kindergarten is an important time to learn that what we do impacts everyone around us. It's a great time to talk with your children and ask how they contribute positively to those around them.  Even if your child does not appear to have any issues getting along with others, or seems to get all his/her work done, it's valuable to ask questions about how they stay motivated and engaged in class. Some  kids are able to learn about their own way of learning early on; they realize that when they hear a story they can vividly picture the important information in their head, or that music helps them remember. You can take an active role in your child's learning by asking them some of these questions:
  • How are you doing with completing  your work in class?
  • How are you getting along with friends in class and on the playground?
  • Are you taking care of your tools in your school toolbox?
  • What part of the day do you like the most?
There are many questions you can ask to generate meaningful conversation! All day long they try to engage me in conversation so I know they have lots to say!
Thank you for your ongoing support of our work in the classroom. It's been a wonderful year so far!

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