Helping Kids Flourish in Kindergarten and Beyond
Sight words, often called "Dolch words" are critical in a child's reading and writing development. They are also often referred to as "high frequency" words as they make up the top percentage of words we use to read and write every day. Words like the, said, my,  and is are not words we can tell a child to "sound out." Kids must practice them, memorize them, and use them in writing to become fluent readers and writers.
Silly Songs for Sight Words is my attempt at making this learning fun yet powerful. In class we are singing sight words and doing fun engaging activities to make the sight words "stick" in students' memories. We are making words out of magnetic letters, making sight word puzzles and writing a sentence after putting our word back together, using bingo dot markers to write our words, and writing in shaving cream to help those kinesthetic learners who haven't quite mastered the use of the pencil.  Above you will see my presentation board from a past teacher conference. On this board you will see examples of these activities. Have fun with sight words at home by trying some hands-on activities. For more ideas, check out my page on Squidoo called: Music and Multiple Modalities Enhance Literacy. Playful learning acitivities help your child become more interested and successful in school!
9/29/2009 11:56:24 am

What you're doing is definitely working for David. This was a boy that was obsessed with his video games and movies during the summer. But now, his video games are not in his vocabulary. He would rather pick up a pencil/pen and some paper to sit down: writing his letters and drawing pictures. Amazing growth I have seen just in this 1 month of school! Thank you!


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