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Hi everyone! Just in case your parents are checking the blog to see what I am up to, I thought I would write a quick note to say hello! I am having fun on my trip to NY and Boston! This is a picture of me with my 2 nieces, Bella ( pictured right next to me) and Gracie( pictured at top) and John Peter who is on the right! We had a great time visiting together, sledding down a hill in the beautifully fresh snow, visiting the MET Museum in New York City and playing with their sweet dog Elsa.
I miss all of you but I am enjoying my time too. Today I arrived in Boston to spend time with my son NIck who is studying for his Master's/PhD at MIT. He is in classes right now but I will get to see him very soon!
Thanks for checking in and I can't wait to see you all when school starts. Remember, Miss Harrington will be the only teacher for the week we return, but I will stop by at lunch each day to say hi to you all :-) I will be busy working around the school and finishing up report cards!

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