Fish! A Fun Way to Learn Science! - Helping Kids Flourish in Kindergarten and Beyond
Helping Kids Flourish in Kindergarten and Beyond
It's been an exciting week in Room 11 as we continued our  Life Science unit with an addition of a goldfish to our classroom! Today I finally got the light and filter working in the aquarium so the fish is very happy in its clean bright environment.  Tomorrow we will have a drawing to choose a name for the fish. The kids all voted for their favorite fish name and I videotaped them explaining their selection. Stay tuned for a fun video very soon!
We have been talking about the differences between the fish and us: adaptations, ways that it moves to get its food, its ability to breathe underwater. Next week we will be comparing the fish to crickets, which I picked up today at the pet store. We will be using our 5 senses to observe both of these living creatures though the crickets will be a bit more engaging with their sounds than the fish!
We are also discussing the issue of responsibility in having a pet: feeding the pet the proper food, caring for its environment and ensuring its overall well-being. The students are excited about feeding the fish and will each get a turn to feed it.
If you are interested in learning more about the California Kindergarten Science standards, you can check them out right here .  
We will be moving on to learning about plants during the week before Spring Break. We will even try to get a bean sprouted and ready to take home for planting! We hope to  join Mrs. Kanazawa's class as they plant in the Capri garden in April.

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