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Book bags are due on Tuesday each week!!
I am so sorry about any confusion about the time frame for returning the weekly red book bags.  Evidently the papers inside the book bag journal say something about returning the book bags on Friday which is not correct! Sorry about that :-( As I tell the students, "even teachers make mistakes!"  The activities listed on those sheets are excellent ways to help your child get the most out of the books. The daily suggestions are just ideas to help you engage with your child and read the book more than one time.
As I have been doing my assessments I am realizing that many students do not know that the word "title" means "name" of the book. Many know what a title page is, but when a book does not have a title page they are confused and don't seem to realize that the title is on the front cover. As you read the book each week, be sure to ask your child about where to find the title, author and illustrator. We discuss these "concepts of print" regularly, but some kids are just not incorporating them yet.
Thanks for your support. Kids thrive when parents and teachers work together to support learning. 
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