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As I mentioned in our newsletter, we had two lively lessons and discussions about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in honor of his birthday this week. In the next couple days I  will attempt to upload the brief video clips where I filmed the kids' answers to the question: Why was Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. important? For now, listed below are the pearls of wisdom shared by your children. If your child does not have a response listed, this means that he/she didn't want to share with me as I interviewed and filmed each child. Also, the kids were not able to hear their peers' answers so I could get their own ideas. They enjoyed watching their videos on Friday.
David:  “He was responsible.”

Aidan: “He said no fighting.”

Reeya: “He told people to not fight.”

Maverick: “He wanted things to change.”

Roberto:  “He didn’t want people to fight.”
Jaden: “He wanted change.”

Cameran: “He changed the law by talking.”

Christian: “He changed the laws.”

Aynsley: “He helped people.”
Rosemary: “ He was important because he told them not to fight and people helped him change  the laws.”

Samantha: “He wanted to change the rules.”

Justin:  “He wanted to change the rules because things weren’t happening good.”

Ryan: “ He wanted to be the boss.”
Olivia :“ He changed the rules of the white people and the black people.”

Vanya:    “He was nice and he wanted everyone to be nice. He was special. He was famous.”
Zayn: “He wanted it to be fair for everyone.”

Madeline: “He wanted peace for everyone.”

Maria: “He helped.”

1/21/2010 12:47:43 pm

Great job once again!!We are very fortunate to have you as our kinder teacher!! I love the video...all of the kids did great!!


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