Helping Kids Flourish in Kindergarten and Beyond
Thank you to all of the parents who were able to attend Back to School Night! It was wonderful to be able to share all of our classroom information, see some new faces and communicate about expectations for the year.  There are a few items that I didn't have a chance to mention.
 As the weeks progress, we will be adding classroom "jobs" to our daily routines. We will be picking jobs such as line leader, group leader, lights helper, office helper and many others. Jobs help kids feel important, included and industrious. When kids feel valued this way they are more able to learn and contribute to a positive environment.  Most of the students understand that everyone will get a turn for every activity and job in the class; if your child has difficulty with this concept, please take some time to talk about the differences between home and school. When there are 20 children it takes awhile for everyone to get a turn!  Kids love to tell us: But my mom or dad doesn't do it that way!  We simply point out the differences between home and school and move on from there. It can be challenging to teach a lesson when a couple of students are still upset about not getting their turn right away. Emotions greatly affect learning so if we can help our students learn to move on from an upset, we can spend more time engaged in learning!
 Thanks again for your support and involvement. Children succeed when parents and teachers work together as a committed and consistent team.  We are off to a wonderful start this year
Have a great weekend!
:-) Mrs. Young
9/14/2009 01:38:37 pm

9/14/2009 01:51:25 pm

Thank you for making this transition into elementary school so easy. My daughter comes home everyday excited about what she has learned. Tonight I heard all about the letter "I" and how it's a word too. Incorporating arts & crafts, songs & other fun activities is really making the lessons stick with my daughter. Cameran has come home on several occasions happily announcing what she did today. This is a big change from the last two years of preschool when I had to grill her every afternoon to find out what she learned. She must be having a great time in your class. Thanks for loving what you shows!!


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