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I have been playing with a fun website called "Toondoo" and plan to share some of my cartoons with our class. In this particular cartoon, I am conveying the idea that the student who pays attention and ignores distractions, learns! What a concept!
Kids seem to pay much more attention to fictitious characters, so we will see how it goes with lessons using these fun little guys.
 Please let me know of any topics you think might be helpful to address through cartoons.
12/11/2009 03:34:22 am

Hi Mrs. Young,

What a wonderful tool and concept! What about a topic of powerful words...or the difference between borrowing and giving and keeping your word or how accidents happen when playing for instance - a bump for instance - one kid bumps another and doesn't even know it and the other thinks that it was on purpose. And using their words. Let me know if you want me to work on the words for an initial draft of one or more of these.


12/11/2009 09:15:11 am

Thanks so much for your input, Rebecca. I would love to have your ideas for the dialogue for the situations you suggested. Those all are very common occurrences at school!
Thanks again! I look forward to seeing your suggestions.


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